About Us

Alexa Iocco Dina Palevic Matchbox Motifs

Hey there ♥️ 

We’re Alexa and Dina, the dynamic duo behind Matchbox Motifs. From the heart of Westchester, NY, and now soaking up the sun in Delray Beach, we’re here to bring you the trendiest charm bracelets inspired by your social media profiles. Each bracelet is carefully designed to reflect your unique personality and style, making your Matchbox bracelet a true reflection of you. 

Every piece of our jewelry is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted right here in the US. We take extra care in choosing each component that goes into our creations. From selecting each charm to ensuring every chain is top-notch, we’re all about quality. Plus, we’re committed to sustainable and ethical practices in making our jewelry - it’s at the core of what we do.


Matchbox Motifs